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our story.
The colorful story behind Colors for Christ

My four-year old daughter’s love for polishing nails is really how Colors for Christ came about in 1997, although it would not actually come to fruition until 2017. This intrigued little girl made it her mission to mimic every step the nail technician made, as she watched me get my nails done at the salon on any given day. The entire manicure process she had down to a ‘T’ and anyone and everyone who would let her practice on them were in for a treat, plus her services were free. She was not only good at polishing nails at such a young age, but her young preschool friends saw the beauty in it too and they were very eager to let her get them dolled up before their special school performances. That busy little four-year-old is now 25 years old, a college graduate and my business partner. We are “A Mother-Daughter duo.”

our purpose.
More than just beautiful nail polish

Colors for Christ is more than just beautiful nail polish, it is a Polish Ministry. We want to uplift people and inspire everyone to choose Christ, that’s why we print the word of God on each and every bottle. God gave me this idea over 20 years ago when my daughter was just a small child. My daughter loved polishing nails and I loved sharing the word of God. With many big brand companies centering their polish names around places (The Big Apple), and around other catchy phrases like (Keepin It Real), I had the idea to name the colors based on bible scripture. I knew this idea came from God but I had no idea how to get started. As the years went by, life happened and my daughter got older. I never forgot about the vision even though I misplaced my journal of names where I had begun to jot down ideas. As my child headed off to college, I remember telling her, “let’s start this finger nail polish company,” and I saw the same excitement in her face that she had when she was a just a little girl.

For me, Colors for Christ is not only unique, it is an avenue to propel people in the right direction. We need to speak the word and hide the word in our heart and what better way to learn the word than through the everyday things we do, yes even when we are polishing our nails. Now, I have a younger daughter that dare not let me leave her out. She is eight and is our “Creative Assistant.” Even at such a young age she knows the word of God better than I ever knew it then, just from reading our polishes. It is amazing to hear her tell people about our colors as she recites many of them from memory. You can’t help but learn the word, and live the word as you wear our polish. That’s why Colors for Christ is, “Polish with a Purpose”!

10% of all proceeds benefit youth and outreach ministries.

“Together we work fervently to make Colors for Christ the Unique Nail Polish Company it is, Polish with a Purpose.”

“Together we work fervently to make Colors for Christ the Unique Nail Polish Company it is, Polish with a Purpose.”